Master Discrete Mathematics: Propositional Logic

  • Author: TrevTutor
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 6 hours
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Course overview
All of the propositional logic needed in computing science and discrete mathematics.
  • Learn how to translate English sentences into propositional logic.
  • Learn about truth tables and how to create truth tables for complex formulae.
  • Learn how to prove statements about propositional logic using truth tables and using natural deduction.

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Propositional logic is foundational in computing science. Many of our operators like &, +, ==, and more can be understood using propositional logic.
You will explore the language of propositional logic and see how abstract concepts can be extended in the real world.
All of our lessons come with foundational exercises with full solutions to make sure you understand the material.
Recieve feedback on a graded assignment at the end of the course to gauge your level of success and to recieve advice going forward.

Meet the instructor

Trevor Block (TrevTutor)

Trevor Block (TrevTutor) is a graduate of cognitive science and linguistics, focusing on mathematical linguistics, philosophical logic, and discrete mathematics. Trevor has been teaching online for 10 years and at SFU for over 5 years, leading thousands of students through complex material.