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Why Choose TrevTutor?

Our goal is straightforward: How can we explain complex concepts as simply as possible while still allowing students to solve complex problems?

TrevTutor's courses have been reiterated countlessly through feedback online and through in-person teaching. We transform unsuccessful learners into confident, successful students.
  • 200+ Video Lectures
  • 200+ Registered Learners
  • 500+ Practice Problems

Course Features

Our courses are designed with the same funnels in mind. We introduce basic concepts, explain them in detail, provide simple practice problems, then allow you to build on your foundational skills through tougher conceptual exercises.

Video Lectures

All material in our courses are explained through short video lectures.

Assignments and Feedback

Our courses come with practice PDFs with full solutions, as well as one graded assignment with direct feedback from TrevTutor.


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Learner Reviews

See what our learners have to say about our courses!

Ivy F.

Thank you so much for your videos. I'm studying in Germany so my curriculum is all in German plus Discrete Math itself is totally new to me, it's doubling the difficulties than if I were studying in English. Thanks to your videos it's starting to make sense!


You explain this stuff better than my college professor.

Selina D.

I just want to say thank you SO much! I've been tryihng to internalize all these aspects for my upcoming exam, but somehow had trouble to do so. Since I'm not a native speaker, it is somewhat more difficult to differentiate the content of the extensive lectures between the important and incidental aspects. These videos have helped me tremendously!

Meet TrevTutor

I've been teaching at a university for over 7 years. In this time, I've come to love teaching, interacting with students, and making sure that students can acquire all the skills necessary to succeed. I have used my countless hours teaching online and at a university to produce high-quality online courses in discrete mathematics and linguistics.

My teaching is aimed at learners of all stages, but especially to those who want to really understand the core concepts in discrete math and linguistics. I use simple language, show the intuition behind everything, and give you many exercises that push your thinking to make you successful in learning.

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